"Our primary objective is to make each customer's service experience as convenient, efficient, and effective as possible"

We offer a full range of Mechanical, Electrical and Body repairs for your Vehicles. Our state of the art computerized diagnostic center will diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle along with our expert staff who are professionally trained for this. Our qualified technicians will then install new from our parts facility. We use our equipment and training in repairing your car to provide you with the best possible repair service available. From the simplest maintenance question to the most complex mechanical repair, our trained technicians have the experience and expertise to resolve any possible service need.

Body shop:
Any damage to your vehicle can be distressing, whether a minor scratch or a more serious collision. With our hi-tech equipped Body shop you are guaranteed peace of mind. Your vehicle will be returned to near factory condition by our trained technicians. Color System swatches are also used to ensure the best match to your car's existing paintwork.



With our modern and fully automatic spray booth together with our most skilled painter would undoubtedly uplift the standard!

The Service Call
From the moment you call for your service appointment, a Service Consultant begins collecting vital information and details to help evaluate your concern. We immediately begin determining whether your service call can be fulfilled through an a quick visit, or possibly require a more extensive one-to-one consultation with a service expert. Through detailed discussion we analyze and begin considering all possibilities of the problem. We then confirm the availability of any special order parts that may be required for the repair. We also anticipate how long the repair may take, schedule a convenient time for you to come in, and make arrangements for any alternative transportation that you may require.

Vehicle Drop-Off
Your Service Consultant will be available to help you upon your arrival. We will carefully inspect your vehicle and if needed, a sales Specialist will accompany you on a test drive. Following this, a repair order is prepared. This process, together with our in-house system, which maintains detailed history of the work performed on your vehicle, creates the perfect environment for our team to take care of your vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnosis & Repairs
Our Technicians are committed to delivering the finest quality service through accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Our trained Technicians have the expertise and familiarity with sales problem areas, common failure points, and practical service needs of your particular models. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and we are dedicated to constantly developing our sales skills to persevere the changes in technology.


Keeping You Informed
Our team takes great effort to ensure that our promise time is achieved.
Through teamwork and communication, we can provide you with up to date vehicle status information and recommend any additional repairs needed. Your Service Consultant invites any questions you may have about the status of your vehicle.

Vehicle Delivery
Prior to vehicle delivery, your Service Consultant will contact you and review the details of the work performed on your vehicle. Upon arrival, your Service Consultant will address any questions you may have or if necessary, schedule an appointment for future visits. Our cashier will process your payment and arranges the washed vehicle to be delivered to you. ( Express Check-Out can be arranged upon request to minimize delivery time) Copy of invoice will be faxed or e-mailed to you After review of invoice, if required, your Service Consultant will address any questions you may have Return signed copy of invoice with credit card information via fax Vehicle can be picked up with no waiting required

ELGAT Maintenance System has been devised with the following objectives: maximize vehicle safety, reliability, and minimize breakdowns resulting from wear, at minimum cost. The Service Interval Light system will indicate when you are due for service based on your driving habits.



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